Is Reading Ebooks Bad For Your Eyes?

With the advance of technology, bookworms have never been so spoiled. The rise of ebooks and eReaders allow them to search new books in seconds, grab a new book with a few clicks, and personalize their reading experience.

Despite the many conveniences of ebooks, some people still stay away from them because they think reading ebooks is bad for their eyesight. Is that true?

LCD vs. e-Ink

If you’re using a computer, iPad, phone, or any other devices that use LCD screens, you’ll strain your eyes quickly while reading ebooks. You see, LCD screens tend to emit lots of blue light that penetrates all the way to the retina and damage light-sensitive cells there. Over time, blue light exposure may lead to macular degeneration.

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When you use a device that uses E Ink technology like a Kindle then you won’t strain your eyes so much. Such a device uses a different technology that doesn’t emit blue light. Instead, the screen uses an electric field to push or pull millions of electrically charged pigments to display text.

“Hol’ up! My friend’s eyes still hurt after reading on a Kindle!”

Well, it’s just might be his reading habit that got him. Do you know how close he put the device to his eyes? Does he always read in a bright room? What about his posture? Does he has a habit of binge-reading a whole book or does he take breaks often?

Even long before the invention of ebooks and eReaders, bad reading habits have ruined people’s eyesight all over the world.

Many people read while lying on their backs, putting the books merely inches from their faces. Others refused to turn on the light and prefer to read in a dimly-lit room. Yours truly was not exempted from this bad practice and had reaped the reward – nearsightedness.

But, reading a real book is still better than reading an ebook, right?

That depends. Both formats have their own pros and cons. For instance. Many avid readers can’t deny the joy of flipping through real pages. It’s so much better than swiping left and right on a gadget.

However, ebooks are better when you’re on the go. You can pack hundreds if not thousands of ebooks in one gadget. Imagine lugging large luggage with only books in it when you’re traveling. Even then you can only carry dozens at most.

“Oh yeah?! I’m sure you think dozens of different formats for ebooks are convenient too…”

It’s true that ebooks come in various formats, but it’s hardly a problem. Whatever format your ebooks come in, you can easily convert them to any other format using the online ebook format converter. Piece of cake.

What’s the verdict then?

Both reading a real book and an ebook can damage your eyes if you’re careless. Practice good reading habits and you’ll be alright. Remember not to position the book or eReader too close to your eyes. Rest your eyes after finishing a couple of chapters. Be sure you read in a well-lit room too.

If you think your eyesight isn’t as good as it’s used to, have your eyes checked immediately and see if you need glasses. Straining your eyes further won’t do them any good in the long run.

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