How to copy a video file and MP3 to your mobile phone

Example QRcodeI still have one of these old bricks, a mobile phone without a shiny display, just a mouse cinema, not one of these new smartphones. But I still use it quite a lot, I love to play Mahjongg (the real traditional Chinese one), listen to music or my Spanish lessons and sometimes I even watch some short clips.

The problem I often face is how to get the files I want to my mobile phone. Ok, you are right, I can use one of these proprietary USB to phone cables (hmm, left this one at home), Bluetooth or infrared. Even the internet could be an option, but it’s no fun to scroll through endless pages with a tiny display.

Transfer a direct download link to your mobile phone

I would like to introduce a solution I really like, besides from this one being kind of geeky. It’s called QRcodes. These are small two dimensional barcodes (like the one-dimensional ones you know from the supermarket on the product that trigger some beep when getting scanned). You just shoot an image with your mobile phone of the QRcode and a software is decoding the information that has been coded into that barcode. In our case a download link to a video file.

First step: Convert a video for your mobile phone

This online file converter has now introduced QR codes. So let’s do a test. Go to with your desktop computer and convert some video you later want to watch on your mobile phone. After you have hit “Convert file” and a successful conversion, you should see a valid QRcode on the right side of the page. If you don’t want to convert a video, you can also try to rip the audio track of a video or convert some music to the MP3 format for your mobile phone. To achieve this you can use this online MP3 converter or some other audio converter you find on this page.

Second step: Obtain QR code reader software for your mobile phone

If your mobile phone does not support QRcodes yet, you have a good chance that there is some free QRcode reader software out there you can install on your phone. For example, you could try You only have to install this software once, for further conversions you can skip this step.

Third step: Shoot a picture from the QR code

If you have installed the QRcode reader on your mobile phone, launch the software now. Then make take a picture with your mobile phone from the QRcode on the screen of your desktop computer with the successfully converted file. Your QRcode reader should now convert the data inside the QRcode and display a valid download link. With this link you are able to directly download your converted video from our servers to your mobile phone. Et voilá, enjoy your next ride to town.