5 Reason Why To Convert Video To MP3

One of the many advantages of Online-Convert.com is conversion across different file categories. There is more than just converting images or document from one format to the other!

That way, you have so many more possibilities. You can easily turn a video into an animated GIF or a presentation into a video. You can even extract text from a picture. For a more complete list, you can check this article about what’s possible with cross-conversion. In this article, however, we want to focus on one very particular cross-category conversion and why you need it:


From Video to Audio

Converting a video file like MP4, WEBM or MOV to audio is only one of the more special conversions possible on Online-Convert.com . But why would you want to convert a movie or video clip to MP3, OGG or AIFF even? The following 5 reasons might give you an idea about that.


1. Gather Sound Effects

Are you a passionate music mixer or you like to create videos using different (funny) sound effects? Then there is an easy way to get some. The background atmosphere of a busy city, birds chirping, a dog barking, someone laughing… Movies and video clips are filled with such ambient noise and sound effects you can extract my converting the video to audio. Simply


2. Extract Famous Movie Quotes

Movies are a big part of pop culture. The characters we see on screen have the potential to become icons for style and a whole generation. As do the things they say. Quotes from classic movies have been incorporated into songs ever since and now you can do so too! Or are you preparing a quiz about movie quotes? Do not simply read them but let them play to your audience without any visual clues to give away the answer beforehand!


3. Video Creation

When learning how to create and edit videos, many people turn to fan-made creations. There are plenty that can be found on YouTube that consist of different video clips, music and quotes or news reports cut and mixed together.

If you want to try and dabble in this field as well, you need to gather all the necessary clips you need form different movies. And, of course, you have to collect your audio parts as well. Instead of playing the clip with the quote, saying or scene you want the audio only, convert it to MP3 and place it into your video without the video content of the original source.


4. Create Your Own Audio Book

This is not only a great idea for children! Of course, cartoons are perfect for this kind of conversion, but many stories that do not need much explaining can easily be converted into an audio book or audio drama. Maybe you can even find videos of people reading a part of their own book or a short story! Convert them and listen to them on your way to and from work, on a longer drive or on your phone.


5. Extract Music From Videos

Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to get your hands on a certain piece of movie score or song that was played in a very specific version during the movie. But there is a way how to listen to it nonetheless without having to watch the movie again. Likewise, you can extract music from a music video of your favorite band that you can not find on iTunes or Spotify. Remixes, special versions or covers of popular songs are often difficult to come by, but by converting the clip you heard it in to MP3, for example, you can listen to it whenever you want.

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