The Most Common Archive File Formats

In the past, we at have given you many information about different raster and vector image file formats. We talked about all kinds of lossy and lossless audio files as well as e-book files that are compatible with particular e-reading devices. Different kinds of document files and video containers and codecs have been discussed here as well.

One particular file type, however, is missing. Until today!

Lets have a look at all the different archive file formats, the compression methods they use and more!… Read the rest

FAQ – What Is There To Know About Archive Files?

Sending or downloading multiple files can be a hassle. Either there are just too many or the file size of one or more files hits some restrictions within the e-mail provider or download service. For this reason, archive files have been developed.

They do not only function as some kind of folder to group multiple files of different formats, they also compress one or more files. This way, files take up less space for saving or less bandwidth when storing online or sending.… Read the rest