3 Top Reasons Why You Should Install A Dash Cam

Installing a dashboard camera (dash cam) in the car is one of the smartest moves car owners can take.  While insurance companies may not lower your payment if you have a dash cam installed in your car, having the recordings at hand can save yourself from a lot of trouble whenever the unexpected happens.

3 Top Reasons Why You Should Install A Dash Cam

#1. Car Accidents

Incompetent and inattentive drivers are serious threats on the road. There you are cruising on the road like a sensible adult and suddenly someone t-bone or rear-end your car just like that. The dash cam recordings will be a nice piece of evidence who’s in the wrong on such an event.

“I thought a dash cam can’t record everything?”

Of course not. The footage you provide, however, is a much stronger argument than a mere “he said this” and “she said that”.

Your dash cam recordings can also help solve disputes for other drivers. When the camera catches someone run a red light and hitting other cars, for example, you can share the footage with the victims for insurance claim purposes.

#2. Hit and Run

Ever coming to the parking lot and found your car bumper fell off? That made your blood boil, didn’t it? When you have a dash cam running on the parking mode, you can quickly discover the one who should be held accountable for the hit and run.

Most dash cams support.aviand .mp4 video files. The files are stored as short 3 to 5-minutes footages instead of one humongous file so you can easily download and transfer the files containing only the footage you need.  Just grab the footage when the incident happens and bring that to the authority.

#3. Supervise Teen Driving

Just because your kids already got their driver’s license doesn’t mean they’ll drive responsibly on the road.

With a dash cam, you can review the footage taken when they’re driving around. But don’t be mad if you see some footage where they’re not driving as well-mannered as you hoped. Your kids will just turn off the camera the next time they’re borrowing the car. Just talk it out. Spend some time driving around the city with them and let them know what your expectations are when the kids are behind the wheel.

“What if they still driving recklessly?”

Well, strip their driving privileges then. You’re the parent, aren’t you? If you feel your teens need another good session in the driving school, just sign them up.

OK, so those are the top three reasons why you should get a dash cam for your car. Now, those three reasons focus on protecting your wellbeing, but dash cams can also record interesting or crazy things not related to road accidents. Some examples are hurricane, animals crossing the road, meteors passing by, storm, or even ghosts and UFOs.

The small file size of the dash cam footage will make it faster to upload the files to your blog. But be sure to convert the videos to WebM first. WebM is an audiovisual media file format that’s optimized for web browsers. By converting your videos to WebM format, you’re ensuring that all modern browsers can play the videos flawlessly.

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