10 Ways To Get Time Off Work

10 ways to get time off workWhen it comes to trying to take time off from their jobs, people will resort to all sorts of things to get it. Some will call in sick or make up a story. But with these 10 ways to get time off work, you may not need to do that at all. For some people, getting time off at work can be extremely difficult. At the same time, there are some bosses who treat workers as if they were robots. Some of these employers don’t mind working 7 days a week and 365 days a year. They also expect everyone to feel the same way as they do or agree with that scenario. The problem is that a business owner will have no qualms about making those type of sacrifices for themselves and their company. But, that does not mean that an employee has to be willing to do the same.

Nonetheless, if you are very good or great at what you do, you deserve some time off. Everyone needs time to replenish themselves and clear their minds. There is even research which shows that taking time off, or going on vacation, can end up improving productivity in the long run. It also gives people a much needed rest and new motivation once they return.

Before anything, you should be aware of what your company’s vacation policy is. These all vary depending on the size of the company and business you work for. There is also paid and unpaid time off. In truth, companies are bound to legally provide time off for their workers for family leave. However, they are not legally required to facilitate vacation. Again, this all depends on the company policy. In either case, below are some of the best tips for asking and obtaining time off from your job.

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Use The Need To Refocus and Recharge Tool

When asking for time off, you need to make it about the company, not just you. One of the best ways to do this is by letting your boss know that you need time to refocus and recharge. Inform him or her that taking some time off will render better results when you return since you will be refreshed and ready to go.

Be Sure When To Ask When The Time Is Right

The worst time to ask for time off from work is when there are deadlines to meet or major situations which need to be addressed and taken care of. Before asking for time off, be sure that your work is under control. Having all of your work under control will give you a lot of leverage. The best time to ask is after you have successfully completed a project.

Plan Ahead

Planning to take time off requires that you strategize around your work. Make sure all deadlines, projects and events have been taken care of. Asking for time off during deadlines or major company crisis is not recommended. Finish all of your major projects and then begin to plan for your time off.

Deliver Results Before Asking

If there is one thing a boss will notice is your achievements. Having a very productive week can work in your favor. Especially if it’s better than your usual week production or greater than other co-workers. You can use your achievements as leverage to ask for the time off.

Ask Ahead of Time

In order to give your boss time to think about your request for time off, you need to give them plenty of notice. Asking for time off a week before you needed it can be problematic. Doing so will not give your boss time to prepare for your absence. Giving the company a heads up long before also shows that you are taking the company’s’ needs into consideration.

Don’t Ask, Just Tell

In certain situations, asking for time off will not work. It may be better for you to simply tell your boss that you are going on vacation. One of the ways this works in your favor is that it doesn’t provide an option for your boss to say no. Just keep in mind that you should follow all of the aforementioned tips about finishing your deadlines, projects and tasks beforehand.

Wait For The Storm To Pass

Most businesses have peak times when everyone is needed at work. Moreover, they may even need extra help. In times such as these, it will be nearly impossible for you to ask for time off. Or for your boss to give it to you. The best time to ask for time off work is during slow months or when there are not that many deadlines to meet.

Get A Substitute

Once you have finished all of the important work and met all of your deadlines, the next step is getting a co-worker to substitute the rest of your duties. You can get someone to cover for you and take care of whatever other minor things you left behind. This way, when you ask and your boss mentions anything that needs to be done while you are gone, you will have it covered. Or your co-worker whom you got to cover for you, will.

Choose The Right Moment

Asking for time off when your boss is in a bad mood or having a terrible week can be catastrophic. Hearing someone ask for time off for a vacation when a boss is having a bad week can make you look selfish and uncaring. Find the best time for you both and be considerate of the mindset of your boss.

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Use The Technology Card

One of the best things about technology is that it allows companies to reach you when you are away. If your work is done via computer, then this is a great tool for you to use. Telling your boss that you can be easily reached via your phone or email is a great card to utilize. By him or her knowing that they can reach you should something go wrong, they will feel a lot better. And may be more inclined to give you the time off.


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